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Simple Sea Glass specializes in hand made modern sea glass jewelry. Each piece is carefully thought out and created to accentuate the sea glass that is used in the design. You can take pride in knowing that when you purchase from us, you are receiving a one of a kind item that will last for generations.

All our sea glass jewelry is hand crafted genuine surf tumbled sea glass from around the world. We specialize in unique modern designs. To complement the authenticity of our sea glass, we use .925 sterling silver to fashion all of our sea glass jewelry.

Beach tumbled sea glass is nature's transformation of ordinary glass into bits of treasure. Time in the sea is what turns an ordinary piece of glass into the gems we consider sea glass. With the rise and fall of the tides, a single piece of glass can travel many hundreds of miles over several years, all the while transforming it. Each piece has a unique history and therefore a unique texture and pitting. 

Our surf-tumbled sea glass pieces are never altered in any way but remain true testaments to nature's wonderful powers.

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